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Oscam 1.20 openpli

Name Size File  oscam_1.20-rev-11267-Pli-4.0-emu 769.1 KB Download  oscam_1.20-rev-11267-Pli-4.0 687.0 KB Download  oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe2.0-emu 765.0 KB Download  oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe2.0  683.8 KB Download  oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe1.6-emu 745.1 KB Download oscam_1.20-rev-11267-oe1.6 666.3 KB Download oscam_1.20-rev-11267-fpu-emu 713.8 KB Download oscam_1.20-rev-11267-fpu 635.9 KB Download OScam is a softcam, software to be used to decrypt digital television channels on a …

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