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Starsat SR 2000HD Extreme


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Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC)  Software V 2.14


Starsat SR 2000HD Extreme The Starsat New Reciever  Biss c Conax PowerVu

cccam , Newcoms, Starshare Dline ,Cline

forever 121 Server Compeny Server On The Channels Ptv Sports Dishtv Hd Sunhd



PowerVu Auto Update On Satellite Biss Key internet

Full DVB-T2/DVB-T compatible
Support subtitle
Support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and h.264 decoder(up to 1920*1080P pixels)
USB 2.0 , PVR, Time shifting and media play with U-Flash or HDD
Frequency Range: VHF174-230MHZ, UHF 470-862MHZ
Support HDM11.3 output, scart or av output, coaxial, RF in and output

Auto and manually scan all available TV and radio channels
Multi-language supported
Aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3
powerful and highly effective 7 days EPG Function
support teletext
parental lock
stores up to 1000 programs and keeps in memory while power off
Camdes : PowerVu Seca , Biss cw Add

auto roll powervu Biss Dcw

 SR 2000HD EXTREME Camds : Conax PowerVu Biss CCw DCW
Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC)  Software
Version v210:  04 neb 2017 Download-2-01
Version v210:  04 Dec 2017 Download-2-10
Version v212:  14 Dec 2017 Download-V2-12
Version v212:  16 Dec 2017 Download-V2-12
Version v212:  25 Dec 2017 Download-V2-13
Version v214  04 jan 2018 Download-V2-14
Version v215  11 jan 2018 Download-V2-15




Starsat SR 2000 Extreme price

Starsat SR 2000 Extreme New

price    8500 Pakistan

price    $80                 UAE

price     $80                KSA

price     $83               USA

price     Euro 73       UK

Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC) New Update (Sw) Software , Firmware V 2.10, V V 2.11 ,V 2.12.  Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC) have Processor(Chip): GX6628,16MB (Due To More Channel Capacity)Flash. Single Tuner,Erdatek 3 New generation. A very sensitive lightening is very powerful in capturing the signal. Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme 3G/4G Dongle Supports, 8000 Channels Storage Capacity.Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme withTwo Remotes, Gshare (Forever) Supported, 15 Months Gshare 4 + IPTV Subscription
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Camds, PowerVu Biss Conax Seca Dcw Full
Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC) Software
Starsat’s Successor To Starsat 2000 Hyper Is Starsat 2000 Extreme With HEVC Support 😉

Price And Availability :- No Info Yet
MTN Worldwide Fixed On Starsat 2000 Extreme

Processor(Chip): GX6628
Flash:-16MB (Due To More Channel Capacity)
Single Tuner:-Erdatek 3 New generation
(A very sensitive lightening is very powerful in capturing the signal)
Video: H265 / 264
Supports:-3G/4G Dongle
8000 Channels Storage Capacity
Two Remotes
Gshare (Forever) Supported cccam Newcom
Paksat 1R 38E Ptv Sports
{Forever Servsr DishTvHd – Sunhd osn uae Bien Sports fox
15 Months Gshare 4 + IPTV Subscription


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