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All Satellites Update 20.06.2016

All Satellites Update 20.06.2016

Intelsat 19 166.0E 3880 V “NBC TV” is now encrypted.

Optus D2 152.0E 12546 V “Logos TV” has left .
Optus D2 152.0E 12546 V “Madani Channel English” has started on , Fta.
Optus D2 152.0E 12706 V “Malo TV” is Fta.

Palapa D 113.0E 3574 V “Family Channel Network and TV Parlemen” have started on , Fta.
Palapa D 113.0E 4014 V “ShE is back on , Fta. Hi-Indo! has left again.
Palapa D 113.0E 4057 V “Share Channel TV” is back on , Fta.
Palapa D 113.0E 4140 V “Gema Pengharapan” has started on , encrypted.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11550 V “Zee Premier Cinema has replaced Khushboo TV” on , Fta.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11630 V “DD North-East has replaced DD Odia on , Fta .DD National, DD News, DD Sports, DD Kisan, DD Bharati, DD Kashir, DD Chandana and DD Girnar are now encrypted.

Yamal 401 90.0E 3924 L “Rossiya 1 Tver” is now encrypted.

Horizons 2 84.8E 12160 H “Otkritiy Mir” has started on , Fta.

Thaicom 5 78.5E 3440 H “Kaset News Channel, Grand Prix Channel and 1618 Shop” have started on, BISS.
Thaicom 5 78.5E 3625 V “High Shopping” has started on , BISS. GMM Channel 25 and Thairath TV 32 have left.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3662 V “YES” has started on, Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 3766 V “People’s TV” has left.
ABS 2 75.0E 3978 V “Pilipinas HD” has started on , Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 11473 V “NTV” has left .
ABS 2 75.0E 11733 V “Okhota i Rybalka International” has started on , encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 3788 V “J Movie” has started on , Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 4036 V “FYI TV 18 has replaced FYI Asia” on , Irdeto.

Express AT1 56.0E 11919 L “Zee TV Russia” has started on , encrypted.

Yamal 402 54.9E 12717 V “Match!, Rossiya 1 and Perviy kanal” have started on , BISS.

Express AM7 40.0E 3675 R “NTV” has started on , Fta

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