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PTV Sports 2 New Biss Key 2017


Ptv sports 2


All Pakistani Cricket  Match on Feed Brodcast Ptv Sports 2

on Updates 01 june 2017

PTV K LATE PakSat.1R@ 38.0°E
Frequency :4055 V 7000 MPEG.2 Biss SID.0001
Dcw: 07 86 66 c 22 91 10 36
Updates :26 May 2017
100% Working  Cricket icc full
Tv Feed Home ANT On Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel ptv sports 2 Test Ptv Home Feed
Frequency : 4055    V      Symbol Rate  7000
Dcw Feed:51 32 13 33 9A DD EC BB

Encrypted keys on Ptv Sports : Conax

PTV Sports 2 Biss Keys & Frequency On Paksat 1R at 38.0E 2017: (Unverified

PTV Sports 2 is claimed by PTV Network (Pakistan Television). This channel will be propelled soon, however not specified accurate date of this channel. This is the games channel the second a portion of PTV games  The PTV games is all games, offcorse PTV Sports 2 is games. ptv sports 2 biss key, ptv sports 2 recurrence, most recent today new overhauled and working biss key code of ptv games 2 on paksat 1r at 38e c band 2016, dispatch date of ptv games, how to watch ptv sports 2 live on paksat 1r 38e catchphrases are utilized for the sweethearts of PTV Sports 2. This channel was on disclosed for testing on Paksat 1R at 38.0E. We caught the points of interest of these permetres and put away here for you. In spite of the fact that this channel is as of now not accessible on paksat 1r but rather will be benefit soon. We’ll dispatch its Biss Key right on this page for our significant other


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