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Peace TV UK Frequency, Address 2016 Details

Peace TV UK  is a nonprofit satellite television network broadcasting. Its globally 24/7 from United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Peace TV UK programs are all in the  language and telecast free-to-air. The founder
and president of Peace TV  is Zakir Naik, an Islamic preacher from Mumbai, India. Peace TV network covers live events, lecturing programs for adults and youths, as well as educational programs for children. Its president, Zakir Naik, often calls it an “Edutainment Channel“.
Since 21 January 2006, Peace TV UK Frequency channel has been telecast to more than 200 countries around the world, including in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. In 2009, its sister channel (Peace TV Urdu, Peace TV English, Peace TV Bangla Peace TV English, Peace TV UK, Peace TV Middle East) were launched, which is dedicated especially to the Urdu, English and Bengali-speaking viewers around the world and on 22 April 2011, Peace TV Bangla was launched.
Tablic Details:
Peace TV UK Tablic Details
Launched: 21 January 2006
Owners: Zakir Naik (founder and president)
Lords Production Ltd,
a subsidiary of Universal Broadcasting Corporation Ltd
Country: United Arab Emirates
Area Of Broadcast: Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America
Contact Details: Peace TV Official Contact Page
Beam EIRP (dBW)
AsiaSat 7 105.5°E
3712 V
9000 3/5
ABS 2 75.0°E
3649 H   
43800 3/4
Intelsat 20 68.5°E
Landmass H
4150 H   
15000 7/8
Intelsat 12 45.0°E
11632 V
27689 /5/6
Irdeto 2
Astra 2F 28.2°E
West Africa
12522 V
Eutelsat 7B 7.0°E
12603 H   
30000 2/3
SES 5  5.0°E
Sub Saharan Africa
11727 H   
27500 2/3
Galaxy 19 97.0°W
11929 V
22000 3/4
    Peace TV, 45 West John Street, Suite 207, Hicksville,     New York, 11801     E-mail:     Toll free number: 1-844-732-2388
Visit Official Peace TV Contact Page For More Contact Details.
Peace TV UK Transponders(Freq, Pol, SR) Details On All Satellites:
Peace TV UK Transponders(Freq, Pol, SR) Details On All Satellites
Satellite     Freq. Pol. SR     Band, Lang     System     Package, Fec
Astra 2G at 28.2E     11509 V 22000     Ku Band, English     DVBS MPEG2-SD     FTA, 5/6
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