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Nickelodeon Ary network 25.august 2016

Biss key is a 16 digits hidden code. These codes are given to cable operators and media
operators. We will share you latest biss key and other settings of Nick. We will always
update Nickelodeon biss key as it is changed by the authorities. So keep in touch to view
latest biss key of Nickelodeon.
Nickelodeon Biss Key and Other

Nickelodeon ary network


Asiasat 7
Symbol Rate 
Ch. Name
Nickelodeon Ary network
Update 25.august 2016
Biss Key
92 1E D0 CC 66E5 63CE
Updated on 25-08-2016)
Nickelodeon was banned in 2005 by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator) due to Hindi
dubbing of some cartoon programs. In 2011 Nickelodeon has been granted permission by PEMRA
after removal of Hindi dubbed cartoon programs. Now Nick is providing its transmission on
AsiaSat 7 through biss key. Its only free cartoon network channel operating in Pakistan.

They are televising many famous cartoon series around the clock.

Stay in touch with ItechMania to get the latest frequencies and biss keys of many other

popular channels on Dish. I will update Nickelodeon biss key as it is changed by Nick


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