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Ptv Sports New Conax Key 2017


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Encrypted keys on Ptv Sports

PTV SPORTS FEED CHANNEL New Updates 04 .6.2017
Ptv Sports feed On Ku Band Lnb PAKSAT.1R(38.0E)
TP: 11620  H  2000  SID:0001 HD Dish Size 4 feet
Dcw  Feed : FF  FF FF CC FF FF FF AA


Pakistan vs sri lanka September 28, 2017

PTV K LATE PakSat.1R@ 38.0°E
TP:4055 V 7000 MPEG.2 Biss SID.0001
Biss: 07 86 66 F3 22 91 10 C3
Updates  Sep 12, 2017
100% Working  Cricket
Tv Feed Home ANT On Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel Name ptv sports 2 Test Ptv Home Feed
(Frequency:4055  Symbol Rate  7000
Biss:51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC  36

Conax Ptv Sports


PTV sports biss key is a code for satellite
Paksat asiasat 3S 38° East through which you can
watch live ptv sprots. That ptv sports new biss key
facebook use for through dish from a Frequency you can
watch sports events like PSL matach etc.. all over theworld.
This is used for Basic Interoperable Scrambling System which is
owned by PTV network satellite TV.

PTV Sport Key Today the rights of telecasting the international cricket matches in Pakistan are reserved by Geo super, and no other tv channel can broadcast the live cricket matches via satellite TV.  PTV sports can only show these matches on a terrestrial and limited network. if you have available the cable TV or dish TV facility, please use it to watch live cricket feed, so the Geo super should be credited for showing it. if there is no other option for you and you have satellite TV, then you can use the biss code/key to watch the live broadcast of cricket matches on it. Please remember one thing that biss keys are always kept changing. If the your biss code/key is not working it mean it is changed and you will find it on our site and we haven’t updated the latest key and you know the latest key, then please share that key on this post by commenting it so it will be easy for our viewer’s to know it. The PTVS and the other channels of it has been moved to a new satellite. The PTV sports latest biss key on paksat is 38° East. use can use the following details to watch it on paksat 38° East.


It  began it’s first test transmission on December 2011 and continue his work on January 14, 2012 that time the Asia sat owned the channel. The
purpose to launch this satellite TV channel  was to telecast the sports event such as cricket matches. This Staellite channel also gets the right of the many new other sports events like Tennis, Hockey, Football, and Cricket. At that time the slogan of TV channel was jeet hai junoon Country. PTV sports new biss key is mostly changing during some important cricket matches. They changed and only concerned with terrestrial networks of it. The people made it so easy so you can searched on internet to find every latest key of this sports channel. This keys are only leaked and put on internet for the die hard fans of the cricket so they could watch by using it. Pakistan and India are most famous and major countries with enormous cricket fans. Many of them live in villages and very far remote areas where the facilities of cable TV and internet are unavailable. So they depend only on the satellite tv for watching cricket matches live.  In this article we are putting the latest key for you. So you can find the latest ptv sports channel biss code here.

If you can’t set the right direction of your dish towards paksat, use this frequency provided below and direct your dish towards Pakistan to receive PTVS signals.

Is the Pakistan’s number one television network that provides all the news and reports and updates on all sporting events from all over the world. A PTVS has just announced the new frequency biss key for 2016 for our viewers. So it will be easy to watch live streaming of games all over the world. Today the demand is increasing day by day and most of the viewer’s request to watch the live feed broadcasting of all the sports events. Especially they want to see the cricket matches. They show their passion and subsist exposure to the game like no other else. They even have made a cricket community to provide support to our cricket team to cheer them.
How watch PTV Sports Biss key on paksat Satellite

PTV  assures you that the all the frequency keys and codes are provided and authorized by PTV authority. The sound and video quality will be good. These frequency paksat codes are only use for to set channels to update them.

This Satellite sports channel  were made for only one purpose and that was entertainment. Now a days there are so many channels that show live news feedings and other programs, their Efforts are probably acknowledged. That time PTV was the only national television channel and was running with just one channel and now it has so many channels to offer and has become a leading channel of Pakistan with among the others.

It has made so easy for the fans of cricket to enjoy 24/7 Live action matches and other sports events through the satellite TV. They can easily find the PTV sports latest frequency code of 2016 on the internet to tune into in the place where the facility of entertainment could not be approached. They even advertise the matches before the upcoming cricket matches.

Most people are excited when the cricket Competition comes such as World cup, or T20, they want to see all the matches and don’t want to miss it. If you not have Cable or dish TV, and you want to see the action. So what is the option then? the best is for you to use the latest biss key frequency code 2016 and try to update to date with it when it change so the channel frequency code don’t change it.

In case you don’t know how to set the frequency and key code on your satellite tv we have posted below the frequency details that will help you to watch cricket matches.

(Note: The biss key is changed often and updated with the time so keep visiting our blog regularly for latest and update new biss code/keys)


Plz Comment below or msg us if this key not working
Why New Biss Key for PTV Sports Need


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    • Asslamu o alaikum dosto jin k pas PTV SPORTS K SIGNal ka masla aa rha hain ap log us number par cal karo…ap ka masla hal ho jay ga.
      AUr nichy link par click kr k ptv conex code entr karna.
      Note:In case our valued viewers may face any difficulty in receiving PTV Sports signals, please contact the following numbers:0519077350 , 0519207418

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    • Asslamu o alaikum dosto jin k pas PTV SPORTS K SIGNal ka masla aa rha hain ap log us number par cal karo…ap ka masla hal ho jay ga.
      AUr nichy link par click kr k ptv conex code entr karna.
      Note:In case our valued viewers may face any difficulty in receiving PTV Sports signals, please contact the following numbers:0519077350 , 0519207418

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