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ITU approves new HDR standard


The ITU has declared – and affirmed – the REC-2100 upgraded standard, and which expands on the ‘REC-2020’ standard for high-dynamic reach (HDR) television.


“[HDR] speaks to a noteworthy development in TV. HDR brings a mind blowing sentiment authenticity, fabricating further on the unrivaled shading loyalty of ITU’s Ultra-High Definition Television Recommendation BT.2020. ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) has built up the standard – or Recommendation – in a joint effort with specialists from the TV business, television associations and administrative establishments in its Study Group 6,” said the ITU.

“REC-2100 conveys a further help to TV pictures, giving viewers an improved visual involvement with included authenticity. The HDR-TV Recommendation permits TV projects to exploit the new and much brighter presentation advancements. HDR-TV can make outside sunlit scenes seem brighter and more characteristic, including highlights and shimmer. It improves faintly lit inside and night scenes, uncovering more detail in darker territories, giving TV makers the capacity to uncover surface and inconspicuous hues that are generally lost with existing Standard Dynamic Range TV.”

The HDR-TV Recommendation points of interest two alternatives for delivering High Dynamic Range TV pictures. The Perceptual Quantization (PQ) particular accomplishes an extensive variety of shine levels utilizing an exchange capacity that is finely tuned to coordinate the human visual framework and the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) determination [backed by the BBC and NHK of Japan] which offers a level of similarity with legacy shows by all the more firmly coordinating the already settled TV exchange bends. The Recommendation likewise plots a basic change process between the two HDR-TV alternatives.

“The ITU-R Recommendation BT.2100 additionally permits TV makers to look over three levels of point of interest or determination: HDTV (1920 by 1080), and UHDTV “4K” (3840 by 2160) and “8K” (7680 by 4320) – all of which utilize the dynamic imaging framework with augmented shading extent and scope of casing rates in ITU’s UHDTV Recommendation BT.2020.”

“This Recommendation is the perfection of three years of serious work by devoted picture specialists from around the globe. HDR pictures are shocking and this is another significant stride forward in TV quality,” said Andy Quested, Chairman of ITU-R Working Party 6C (WP 6C), which built up the new standard. “Program producers today require a much more extensive scope of choices keeping in mind the end goal to meet the desires of the distinctive stages they should supply, and this requirement for adaptability is provided food for inside the system of a stable ITU-R Recommendation.”


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