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Iran claims 2 orbital slots for launching 2016

TEHRAN, Jun. 28 (MNA) – The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has reestablished Iran’s permit on two orbital openings, Deputy head of Iranian Space Agency said Tuesday


Delegate Head of Iranian Space Agency, Mohammad Homayoun Sadr, told Mehr News that right now, the ITU has restored two orbital openings for Iran, situated at 34 degrees east and 24.19 degrees; “these two openings are saved for national telecom satellite and a radio and TV television satellite,” he said, including “we can make utilization of the openings when projects for building these satellites have started.”

Sadr went ahead to include that Iran likewise holds rights to various orbital positions with the goal that it will have the capacity to make utilization of them one day; “the condition on having the capacity to utilize an orbital position is to having set a satellite there,” he said.

As indicated by Sadr, the ITU directions no more permits a nation to forever keep an orbital space; “once a satellite’s helpful life closes, nations must begin making arrangements for the following satellite to assume its position,” he said.

On the off chance that nations don’t plan to put a satellite in their orbital space, the rights will be briefly given to different nations under a MoU, he included.

“At this moment, we are headed to get the privilege to make utilization of our orbital openings,” he said.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is a piece of the United Nations framework. The ITU has 193 Member States and just about 800 Sector Members and Associates and goes about as a discussion for governments and the private division to facilitate specialized and strategy matters identified with worldwide information transfers systems and administrations.

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