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i star A800 MEGA

i Star  A800 MEGA
Full HD USB-CA Receiver
Full HD Digital Satellite Receive
cccam, iptv conax powervu seca
just plug & play Comes with the full package of The box are
Full 1080p HD/3D ready and fully WiFi compatible
More then 1000 IP Channels
Functional Features:

HD 1080p resolution support
HD video output
CA Card Reader
Sensitive Blind Search
5000 Channel Storages
64 Satellite Storages
Multi Languages Support
DiseqC 1.0-1. 1-1.2
Usals Motor Support
Record with USB PVR & Time Shift
Upgrade with OTA
USB 2.0 Support
Upgrade with USB
Multimedia Support
Upgrade with FTP
Ethernet Connection SupportInternet with WI-FI
1. Tuner & De modulator
Input Frequency Range 950MHz- 2150MHz
RF Input Signal Level -64 dB m – -25 dB m
RF Impedance 75RF Band with
55 MHz/8 MHz (under 5 Msps) LNB Power
13/18 DC, +/-5%, 0.5A max LNB Tone Switch
22KHz +/- 2KHz, 0.64v p-p +
DisQeC Control
V1.0, V1.2, Tone burst A/B

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