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Cw feed Satellite 2016

FIBA-Philipinnes Eutelsat 7E 12700 V 9874
Biss key:0D 93 94 34 31 F6 B8 AE

World Grand -7°E 11021 H 7200-CAT DSNG 1 Mpeg4 HD 1080i
Biss key:8A A9 A9 DA 87 CC 12 6A

100.5E TP:3875 V 7200-ID:CAT DSNG 1=FIVB World
Biss key:8A A9 A9 DC 87 CC 12 65

78.5E TP:3755 H 7200-ID:DSNG 1 Backup FIVB World Grand
Biss key:13 28 33 6E 13 28 33 DA

100.5E TP:3888 V 7200 ID:Indian Open 2016-World Snooker India
Biss key:DE FA BA 92 FE BB CD 86

Eutelsat 7B 7E TP:10964 V 14400-F100-SSI MAIN
CW:C4 92 95 EE AD DA 9E B3 #CW: 56 5F AA 5F F8 0A 46 48

European-RAI feed 7°E 12600 V 9600 Mpeg4 HD 1080i
Biss key:10 00 00 FF 00 00 01 CC

Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E) GALLES v/s PORTOGALLO TP:11386H27500
Biss key:C7 B2 A5 1E D4 E3 F1 A8

EURO 2016 Match 49-EUTELSAT 7E-TP:11051 V 19200
Biss key:06 18 BF DD 7B 09 7A FE

30.5E ID: ERTU-W6 TP:12610 V 2970 mpeg-2
Biss key:AB CD EF 67 12 34 AB F1

10E ID: HD_2 TP:11020 V 2143 mpeg-2
Biss key:AB CD EF 67 12 34 AB F1

87W TP:4140H 30000-[WWE-Smackdown]-(Live)
C8: C5 F3 00 E5 63 63 95 84 #CW:16 F2 5E 66 43 90 6E 41

Astra 4.8°E – TP:12149-H-27500 – TP:12419-H-27500
PowerVU Ecm:0: 82 0B 41 1A 50 DE 52 Active 06-07-2016
PowerVU Ecm:1: 07 5F 1B 90 64 BE E4 Next 07-07-2016

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