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Echolink 880D HD Receiver PowerVu Keys Software

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Echolink 880D  Master code :  2778

Echolink 880D  HD Receiver PowerVu Keys Software

sim card receiver price in pakistan Echolink 880D

price: Karachi  Model Rs. 2650

price:   Lahore Model   Rs. 2550

price:  Sadqabad     Rs 2500

price:  Kashmoere  Rs 2700

price:  Kharor Solangi Shop”  Rs  2700

File Name:

 Echolink 880D  HD

File Size:

 Master Code




Created Date:


How To Add Cccam Cline In Receiver:

How to add cccam cline into your receiver. Most of the satellite receivers having the options in following terms.

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. System Setup.
  3. Access Control.
  4. Cccam client configuration.
  5. Add New/Edit.
  6. IP,Host,URL, DNS:
  7. Port:
  8. User/ID:
  9. Password:
  10. Protocol Cccam:

Now Press connect (enable, on, active) button on remote control and connect it.

After being online or active it will decrypt all these satellite tv channels for you.

Enjoy your Cccam service.

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