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Cw Biss Update 26.11.16

Telstar 12 @ 15°W 12737 H 7553
ESPN Caribbean (Caribbean 901)
CW: 8A C1 E9 34 B7 42 EF E8


Cw Biss Update 26.11.16
ESPN Syndication (Syndication 902)
CW: 18 F3 41 4C BD DD C9 63

GCP PCO HD 2 10E 11011H 5000 DVB-S2 8PSK
CW Feed:44 AA 55 43 BB 66 DD FE

Yahsat-1A@52E TP:: 12015 – H – 27500 MPEG VARZISH SD- SDTV
88 90 1B 43 24 42 E2 05 #CW:AB C1 23 8F AB C1 23 8F

FOOTBALL  10E EIB_VS_BET_HD50_11434_V_15000
CW: 05 EE 3B 2E 38 F1 90 B9

HBO, Cinemax (4W-10935H13750)
PowerVu Ecm 0: 19 1F F0 C3 F5 97 F8
PowerVu Ecm 1: A5 EC B8 A2 6B 2A 8D

PowerVu Ecm 0000 00 19 1F F0 C3 F5 97 F8
PowerVu Ecm 0000 01 A5 EC B8 A2 6B 2A 8D

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