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colors bangla biss frequency satellite tv

Colors bangla biss frequency satellite tv

COLORS BANGLA channel added on Dish TV tp 11090 H on 14-Jun-2017

COLORS BANGLA added on Dish TV on the frequency 11090 H 30000. COLORS




BANGLA is available on NSS 6/SES 8 at 95 degrees East.

Parameters of COLORS BANGLA channel:

Channel name:COLORS BANGLA
DTH: Dish TV
Symbol Rate:30000
Video PID:4337
Audio Pids: Default MPEG 1 PID 4338


Colors Bangla previously known as ETV Bangla (Bengali: Colors ?????) is 24-hour Bengali language television channel The channel aired the Filmfare Awards East 2017



KajaLLata (Mon-Sun 6:00 P.M)
Mahaprabhu Shri Chaitanya (Mon-Sun 6:30 P.M)
Roopkatha (Mon-Sat 7:00 P.M)
Jhumur (Mon-Sun 7:30 P.M)
E Amaar Gurudakshina (Mon-Sun 8:00 P.M)
Resham Jhapi (Mon-Sun 8:30 P.M)
Naagin 2 (Mon-Sat 9 P.M)
Gachhkouto (Mon-Sat 10 P.M.)
Shani (TV series) (Mon-Sun 10:30 P.M.)


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