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Housefull Action G-Sat 15/17 @ 93.5° East Sun Direct

Housefull Action G-Sat 15/17 @ 93.5° East Sun Direct housefull action frequency  11550 V   29500 3/4. DVB-S/MPEG-2 Housefull Action is an Indian cable and satellite 24-hour Hindi movie television channel. The channel was launched on 1 September 2015 and replaced TV24 News, after the news channel was removed due to …

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sun direct transponder frequency 2016

Sun Direct DTH Transponders Details Sl.No FREQUENCY (Mhz) POLARIZATION SYMBOL RATE (KSps) FEC SATELLITE 1. 12317 Horizontal 30000 5/6 Measat_3 (91.5’E) 2. 12563 Horizontal 32000 5/6 3. 12603 Horizontal 32000 5/6 4. 12643 Horizontal 32000 5/6 5. 12523 Vertical 30000 7/8 Measat_3 (91.5’E) (sharing from RDTV TPs) 6. 12603 Vertical …

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