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BTV World New Frequency Update

BTV has flown in the Satellite-Air through Test Transmission from the 24 th February 2004 as BTV World with the following Parameter

  Satellite AsiaSat- 3S
  Band C Band
  Bandwidth 15 MHz
  Orbital Position 105.5 0 East
  Polarization Vertical
  Symble Rate 11.3946 MSymb/sec
  Transponder 3V
  Down Link Frequency 3710.5 MHz
  Encoding MPEG-2, 4:2:0/4:22 Mp@ML
  Modulation QPSK
  FEC 3 / 4
The Foot Print of BTV World is a quite large one. It is spread- in the East from the Sea of Japan; to the West up to Cyprus of (Turkey) & in the South from New zealand-Australia to the North; crossing Mongolian Plateau & the Great Siberian Plain up to Tundra region of Russia.
 The Foot-print of BTV World covers the following regions :-

  • Numerous small Islands of Micronesia area of Philippine Sea of Pacific Ocean region
  • The Islands of the total Melanesia area of Oceania region
  • Few Island Countries of Polynesia region
  • Total region of Asia
  • All countries of Middle East region
  • Few countries of Africa



The accumulated numbers of Human settlement are approximately 100. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, People Republic of China, Mongolia, Vladivostok (Russia), Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Armenia, Libya, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Island, New Caledonia Island, Tonga Island, Cook Island, Funafuti Island, Ellice Island, Nawru Island, Fiji Island, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, East Indian Islands, Sri Lanka, Maldives Islands, Philippine, Palm Island, Guam Island, Marshall Island, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Caucasus, Ajarbijan, Somorkhand, Tashkent, Moscow & Great Plain of Siberia up to Tundra region are the prominent human habitation.

The signal of BTV World can be received free of cost by any standard of PAL-B,
STVRO & can be projected by any body, any where, any time without any prior permission from BTV World.

( To use for data & future reference BTV authority will pay best THANKS to the Recipient / User if they kindly inform about them by the Fax-88-02-831-2927 or Website- URL : http://

BTV World is the extension of BTV ( Terrestria l) in the field of International Broadcasting service.

BTV ( Terrestria l) & BTV World have got 4 parts of transmission schedule :-

  • 07:00 am ( Local time+6 UTC ) to 09:00 am everyday: [ BTV (Terrestrial) + BTV World ].
  • 09:00 am to 12:00 pm everyday:[ BTV World only ].
  • 12:01 pm to 12:01 am everyday: [ BTV (Terrestrial) + BTV World ].
  • 12:01 am to 07:00 am everyday:[ BTV World only ].
On Friday the 1 st part of the transmission is simultaneous from BTV ( Terrestria l) & BTV World , begin at 07:00 am & carried up to 12:01 pm.The 2nd part of the transmission is only from BTV World begins at 12:01 pm & continues up to 03:00 pm.The 3rd part is a simultaneous transmission of BTV ( Terrestria l) & BTV World begin at 03:00 pm & close at 12:001 am.The 4 th part is a solo transmission of BTV World starts at 12:01 am & runs up to 07:00 am. In a gist BTV ( Terrestrial ) & BTV World – are On-Air around the clock from 07:00 am to 07:00 am; for 24 hour with out any rest for a second.

BTV World is intended to extend its collaboration of reciprocal exchange of Programmes of non-discrepant quality with any Satellite Channel in the World.

BTV cherishes the committed Love for the Country, its Land, Society & People. Keeping this motto in mind; BTV World takes partial feed from BTV ( Terrestrial ) to serve & to slacken off the satisfaction of the Bangladeshi immigrant or dwellers of abroad as well as the International viewers / friends.

Each & every Programme of BTV { as well as BTV World } has got some notion to serve its target audience. BTV utterly emphasize on Info-tainment & Edu-tainment than that of; so called currently trend set Entertainment; in other ward- Biz-tainment.

BTV feels the duty to flourish & project the achieved Tradition, Heritage, Cultural progress, Socio- Economic environment of its Nation to the contemporary modern World through its International wing- BTV World .


TV Bhaban, Rampura,
Dhaka-1219 , BANGLADESH,
Phones : 88-02-933-0131>6,
Fax : 88-02-831-2927

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